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There is NO LINE when you order ONLINE!

With Bitemii, ordering food online is fast, easy and smart.

We are passionate about food and bringing people never-ending choice. There are incredible restaurants everywhere that we believe everyone should have entree too. We offer you a better place to order healthy and nourishing food at a very low price and deliver hot food right to your door before you know it.

Our platform enhances your cravings by providing enormous restaurant and food options. You can browse restaurant delivery menus, read restaurants reviews and explore restaurants coupons.

Bitemii plans to partner with 2000 to 5000 delivery restaurants near you and cover over 25 different cuisines in no time. Our app will help restaurants improve their business by connecting them with customers.

Customer Experience

Bitemii app has a unique user experience with simple navigation and easy checkout. Bitemii provides personalized ordering experience with ratings, filters, offers, and recommendations.  Real time tracking system will be adapted in order to make it convenient for both the riders and the customers.

Fastest Delivery

Bitemii ensures that customers are the king and need to be served hot at the door in a quick span of time.

Driven by Technology

Bitemii app has more accuracy in identifying the location, availability of restaurants, riders, and customers. This helps in identifying the concerns and reducing the delivery time.


Bitemii app will introduce catering services to all the customers. Customers can benefit from our catering services during marriage functions, office gatherings, social gatherings, parties and so on. You will be able to customize the menu on daily basis. We will have tie-ups with a multitude of restaurants and other catering services. This helps the customer to book the service with various options of cuisines and recommendations.

Pick up Order

Through Pick-up Order, customers can order food through the app and collect it directly from the restaurant. This saves waiting time for the food to get delivered.